Biophys J 1996 Oct;71(4):2201-2212

Calculation of electron paramagnetic resonance spectra from Brownian dynamics trajectories: application to nitroxide side chains in proteins.

Steinhoff HJ, Hubbell WL

Lehrstuhl fur Biophysik, Ruhr-Universitat, Germany.

We present a method to simulate electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of spin-labeled proteins that explicitly includes the protein structure in the vicinity of the attached spin label. The method is applied to a spin-labeled polyleucine alpha-helix trimer. From short (6 ns) stochastic dynamics simulations of this trimer, an effective potential energy function is calculated. Interaction with secondary and tertiary structures determine the reorientational motion of the spin label side chains. After reduction to a single particle problem, long stochastic dynamic trajectories (700 ns) of the spin label side-chain reorientation are calculated from which the Lamor frequency trajectory and subsequently the electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum is determined. The simulated spectra agree well with experimental electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of bacteriorhodopsin mutants with spin labels in similar secondary and tertiary environments as in the polyleucine.

PMID: 8889196, UI: 97044125